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Benefits Of Screen Sharing Technology On The Education System

Rapid advancement in technology over the past few years have benefited every industry in the work sector in some way.

It is fairly obvious that the educational sector has also been impacted by the new and improved technologies introduced to assist the educational system.

This digital shift in the educational sector came as a huge wave in the form of smart TVs, virtual classrooms, screen casting, online streaming and more. Modern screen-sharing technology has the potential to transform classroom practices and traditional teaching methods. Especially in this day and age, learning in a more collaborative and connected environment is the key to proper education.

That is why modern institutes tend to focus on newer technologies and smart classrooms that can help students and teachers work together to increase the level of education.

Even amongst the concern of misuse of tech, there are many benefits of screen-sharing technology that gives teachers and students the opportunity to share knowledge more freely. Let’s look at a few benefits to understand how screen-sharing technology helps the education sector.

Improves student-teacher engagement

The innovation of screen-sharing technology has paved the way for a better and more engaged learning environment in classrooms. With the help of screencasting and mirroring students are more engaged and attentive towards the teacher.

This also gives a lot more freedom to teachers as they can move around while teaching and also pay attention to all students. Teachers can share their screen easily to access the internet and explain to the whole class in one go. This is something which could not be achieved earlier with whiteboard and chalks.

Makes Classroom Presentations Hassle-free

Giving class presentations have become so simple nowadays. No need for projectors or external screens. Students can easily present to the entire class by sharing their laptop screens with smart TV.

On top of that, a wireless presentation system lets you share in an instant. No more juggling between wires and compatible adapters for presentations.

A wireless screencasting system not only helps students become more productive but also gives teachers access to tend to each student personally.

Increases Productivity In University Huddle Rooms

Not just for classrooms, university huddle rooms and group studies also benefit a lot from screen-sharing. Students can easily switch from one laptop to the other.

Whether one person is working on excel and the other on google slides, sharing screens and work notes is as easy as it gets.

Online streaming, smart TVs and virtual classrooms have revolutionalized traditional teaching methods. From disposing of wires and cables to reducing manual labor job and server room issues, modern technology makes classroom learning easy, fun and productive. With cloud connectivity and the internet, students can achieve anything.

Connecting teachers from anywhere in the world

With the advancement of technology, teachers need not even be in class anymore. University students can connect with guest lecturers and teachers from across the world with the added benefit of video conferencing along with multiple screen-sharing access.

Communicating with your students from across the world is not impossible. With the help of video conferencing apps and smart TVs, students and teachers from all over connect and make virtual learning achievable.

The most important part of the screen-sharing technology is that it helps students to work together and communicate easily with each other as well as their teachers. Smart TV’s and screens in classrooms do not go against the principles of education, instead, it makes classrooms more productive and keeps students more engaged.

It is important to have an all-in-one screen sharing system with multiple solutions that meet all your requirement. This is where ZOAPI hub comes in. With wireless screencasting, video conferencing apps, 4K camera, broadcast support and multiple presenter options,  our smart screencasting product is a must-have for all university rooms and classroom. It’s advanced technology and unlimited features help students become more creative and productive in their classroom.

University huddle rooms, classrooms, and institutions benefit a lot from the ZOAPI Hub product which meets all the requirements of an university.

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