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5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To Zoapi’s Advanced Screen Sharing Technology!

Overtime, we have talked about the need for wireless screen sharing technology in meeting rooms as well as classrooms. Wireless screencasting, time and again has proven to be the No. 1 reason for productive meetings and virtual classrooms around the world.

Not only does help you connect with clients and bring your onshore as well as offshore team in one meeting room, it also helps guest lecturers teach students from across the world! Wireless screen sharing technology has truly spread its wings to every industry.

Therefore, such an advanced technology needs an equally advance tool.

It’s time you meet ZOAPI, the most functional and collaborative screen sharing technology in the market. It is fast, reliable and on top of that it has countless features that makes it far more efficient than any other screen mirroring tool out there.

Let’s look at the important features of Zoapi’s wireless hub and how it works wonders in meeting rooms!

Wireless Collaboration

Zoapi eliminates the biggest problem traditional meeting rooms face- the use of compatible cables to connect laptop with the TV screen. This greatly reduces the cable cost and also the time needed to manually plugin every computer for presentation purposes.

Not just that, wireless connectivity also gives you the freedom to move around while giving a presentation. This is a big help, especially in teaching institutes and schools where teachers can move around during classes and are able to concentrate more on students rather than the black boards.

Wireless collaboration makes Zoapi a great addition to meeting room and classrooms.

Superfast Screen Sharing

Zoapi’s superfast screencasting makes it a must-have for all meeting rooms. Connect your laptop to the TV screen and start sharing within 30 seconds! That’s the Zoapi promise. With Zoapi hub it is easy to take control of your meeting rooms.

Make your meetings faster and more efficient with Zoapi. Request a free demo today.

Video Conferencing App Support

Meeting rooms are nothing without clients and the onshore team. Most client meetings require high quality video conferencing that lasts throughout the meeting.

Zoapi hub makes this process simple for you. With all popular video conferencing app support you can connect with your clients on almost any platform. On top of that dual screen support makes it easy for you to split screens, present to clients/ teammates, and take notes all from your laptop.

With Zoapi, you can get your entire team in the meeting room. Get a free demo and experience unlimited possibilities.

Multiple User Options

Most meeting and conference rooms face delays in getting on with the discussion because of the inability of multiple users to connect simultaneously. This disrupts the meeting since each user has to manually switch presenter and connect to compatible cables just to present.

The time lost in switching presenter can be conveniently avoided when you upgrade to the Zoapi hub. Zoapi’s advanced technology has upto 100 screen shares at a time and an easy presenter switch option that lets everyone cast their screen and present within minutes.

Help your onshore  team present and view reports and documents with ease using the Zoapi wireless screen sharing technology.

Online Dashboard

Zoapi not only provides you with a fully functional display but also gives you an admin access to the online dashboard. With this easy-to-use dashboard you can control your entire meeting room.

Track usage, activate and manage connected devices from anywhere and generate monthly reports with Zoapi’s online dashboard manager.

Get a IT team friendly, secured and encrypted dashboard from Zoapi. Request a free demo.

The Zoapi’s hub features doesn’t end here. Mobile collaboration, notes applications, bluetooth remote, 4K camera, dual TV/ projector and much more makes Zoapi in a league of its own.

But the best feature of Zoapi is their Risk Free Trial For 30 Days! At Zoapi, we believe in complete customer satisfaction, hence we provide a 30 day trial offer at no cost.

Get fully functional Zoapi hub with no restriction on usage, no limit on share and complete cloud support for 30 days. Here’s your chance to grab our offer- Request a free demo today.

Make your meetings productive, Zoapifynow!

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