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Top 4 Screen Sharing Device For Seamless Collaborations In 2019

Screen sharing and video conferencing have become a meeting room necessity in every company. This is simply because putting an entire team in one single meeting room is almost impossible for most companies. The influence of globalization is such that the majority of companies in India today are in business with overseas organizations.

Therefore, to bridge this gap between teams and clients, organizations use screen sharing and video conferencing tools in their meeting rooms to help teams connect and collaborate on the go.

But with numerous screen sharing tools in the market, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to choose the right tool for their business that can accommodate their teams and give them the freedom to present without having to spend a fortune on these tools.

To ease this process, we have listed down the top 4 screen sharing tools that align to most organization’s business model and allows for seamless collaboration across platforms:

1. Zoapi

Zoapi tops the list as the most hassle-free and compatible wireless presentation and remote access tool for meeting rooms. It is a collaborative screen sharing and video conferencing device designed for meeting rooms, conference halls and huddle rooms.

What makes Zoapi stand out is its wire-free screen sharing feature that lets users connect their laptops to the TV screens under 30 seconds for efficient collaborations. The Zoapi device also has two different hub options to choose from- Zoapi Basic, for small huddle rooms and Zoapi Pro- for conference halls and meeting rooms, giving the user the option to choose the right screen sharing tool that aligns with their business model. Along with screen sharing, the hub also features video conferencing functionality that helps teams and clients connect easily, collaborate efficiently and present reports simultaneously in the meeting room. Zoapi is also more affordable than other screen sharing devices. You can check out the pricing and specs here and ask for a free demo.

2. is another easy-to-use and hassle-free screen sharing software created by LogMeIn.Its collaboration features are quite interesting as it has additional features than most screen sharing tools. features an interactive whiteboard, screen region sharing, and a variety of annotation tools including a pen, highlighter, and laser pointer.

It is also recommended for startups and SMEs as it features a free version which has basic screen sharing capabilities with an option to invite up to 10 participants and voice communication ability.

The free version also lets you use the mobile app, transfer files, share controls and have up to four whiteboards on the iPad app. also has an app that you can download. If you don’t want to spend resources on screen sharing tools or have a smaller team, you can go the free version of

3. Zoom

Zoom is a highly recommended video conferencing and screen sharing application to present webinars, give sales demo and host team meetings. Zoom works efficiently across low connectivity and poor network signals to maintain video connections with your clients and therefore is the first choice for business meetings and webinars for users.

Zoom also enables users to host screen sharing meetings from desktops and app for free with a 40 minute per video conferencing limit. The paid version allows up to 500 participants in a single video conference which makes it easy to conduct webinars for users.

4. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is also a screen sharing software that offers easy screen sharing, online meetings and remote access and numerous other features available for personal and enterprise use.

TeamViewer allows easy collaboration with other presenters and also has an option of remotely accessing another computer during screen sharing. This means individuals can acess and control computers remotely for better collaboration between teams. TeamViewer also supports file sharing, chat and whiteboard functionalities, as well as an option to share your screen partly which makes your meetings more secure and error free.

Over the years, screen sharing tools have transformed to give its users an easy and hassle-free screen sharing experience. All the above screen sharing devices pack a wide range of features in addition to seamless screen sharing. But when you’re trying to pick the right screen sharing tool for your company that aligns with your business model, you need to consider every factor, including pricing, specifications, and ease of use before you pick one.

Zoapi is one such screen sharing tool that offers you all these packed in a single device. With wireless and easy screen sharing functionality with multiple presenters, calendar integration and an online dashboard, you can seamlessly host team meetings and control your meeting rooms remotely. Get a risk free 30 day trial of the Zoapi hub, Request a free demo today.

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